February 23rd, 2020

Dear valued users,

Recently, and especially in the week ending February 22nd, we are experiencing an issues with the server performance. We would like to formally apologize for the inconvenience and stress caused.

The issues are originated from our web hosting provider. We are working with this provider for more than 10 years, and while the service provided by this host was ‘great’ to ‘sufficient’ for the most part, in the last year they took on a major upgrade which result in too many problems that was handled too slow.

We, at Sharetimetable.com, are concern to our service and to our users looking for ways to better handle these issues. Eventually we may be require to move to a new hosting provider. Moving to new a new host will require founds that we do not have now. Temporary solution is to use a different server on the same host, Please bookmark this URL: http://sharetimetable.bookika.com. Next time the main URL is not working try accessing our system using this URL.

We value your input: If you have anything to say, suggest, concern, please write us as a comment to this page or in our Contact Us form.

Kind regards,
Raz Peleg
Share Timetable.