Feel free to visit the demo Timetable or login as a user and experience the full capacity of the Share Timetable application.

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password: hello

The Demo contain three Timetables

Feel free to play with the demo timetables: add and remove bookings. You can also create your own timetable and manage it resources.

  • family-cars: presenting a daily allocation of common family resources by the hour. This timetable can be very helpful when there are more than two drivers in the family and only two cars.
  • Summer-house: represent a day allocation of resources. Sharing a summer house with the extended family or even with other families can cause some inconvenience such as the need to call everyone to check if the place is available at some date and then call again to inform all about your plans. With this timetable everyone can check the summer houses availability and make plans easily and with maximum transparency.
  • Hairstyle Salon demonstrate appointment scheduling Timetable using the restricted availability feature. Every stylist make his or her time available during work hours and according to his or her personal schedule.

 Demo for on-site booking plug-in

This page presents Site Booking System based on Share Timetable back-end and a WordPress plug-in using Share Timetable API.
In this page the “Hairstyle Salon” clients can book a time slot for hairdo. The booking by the Hairstyle Salon clients is done in the Hairstyle Salon website and transfer to Timetable seamlessly, without the hassle of interacting with the Share Timetable site.

Make a booking here in www site and see the booking here in the app site.