Service going down

April 30th, 2023

After more than 12 years, Share Timetable service is being discontinued. is hosted on a small web hosting provider named Servage. This web hosting provider was purchased some time ago by another service provider that in his turn was purchased by another. Each company raised the cost of web hosting some more and recently the hosting fee reach an unacceptable level: From US$166 for 2 years of hosting to €918 for the same period.

While a subscription fees was charged for premium service, only few did subscribe (about 5 in the passing year) and the google ads did not provide much.

With great regret the service of is being discontinue and will work until August 2023.

Valued users, please take your time and find a replacement solution for your needs.

Password-less login

July 2nd, 2017

In an effort to create a more secure environment and user friendly site we are introducing Password-less login.
At it base, is not a secure site, the information in our site is not personal and the site is not protected by SSL encryption. This does introduce one risk: if user is using his commonly-use email and password pair. If the same pair is used in other personal sites, a ‘listener” can get the pair simply by listening to the user internet communication.

To avoid this risk a password-less login was developed. This is a simple two stage authentication:

  • (1) User will post his Username.
  • Site will response with a login code: 6 digit number.
  • (2) User will enter the number and login.

To avoid repeating the login with the same code or trying multiple codes there are some limitations:

  • Code has time limit of 30 minutes.
  • Only one code per user can exist at one time, if user ask for code twice, only the last is valid.
  • Other limitation that design to prevent unwanted logins.


Old bookings

April 22nd, 2015

Since July 2015 Share Timetable handles database and old bookings in the following way:

  • Bookings dated over 2 months in the past will be removed
  • Empty Timetables that their premuim has expire will be deleted.

Manager can save past information as CSV files of bookings.

Remote Booking

February 20th, 2014

Share Timetable API give administrators a way to allow their users make bookings to Timetable without the need to exit their site.

Check out this demo of a WordPress plugin that can be run in the business’ site and take advantages of the services.

Spread The Word

January 22nd, 2013

Dear Share Timetable users,

We are happy to provide a valuable service and we are making efforts to increase it value by investing more time and add new features.

Share Timetable has presented moderate growth in users and activity in the past couple of years and we would like to reach larger audience in order to continue growing.

In order to reach larger audience we need internet pages linking to our site. These links will not only bring audience to our site, it will also express a world wide interest in our site for search engines like Google, Bing and others.

Free Subscription offer

Any Timetable owner that will put a link to in his site will be granted with a one year free subscription.


This organization is using Share Timetable for resource scheduling.

Submit your link

    • Links from pages with Google’s page rank 4 and above will receive 2 year free subscription.
    • Link must be online for the full term.


    Restricted Availability

    January 5th, 2013

    Restricted Availability is a long awaiting new feature for Share Timetable. This allow the Timetable owner to explicitly control when resources are available.

    In the example below the owner did not open Board Room resource for booking at the second part of the day.

    Restricted Availability

    This new feature allow Timetable owner complete control on the resource and it availability.

    Appointment Scheduling

    With introduction of this feature appointment scheduling can be performed with Share Timetable. For example hairstyle salon appointments where each chair is a resource and clients can enter the timetable and choose their favorite stylist and appointment time. The stylist role is to make his or her chair available in his or her working hours.

    Other examples:

    1. Doctors clinic appointments system.
    2. Massage Spa appointments system.
    3. Company car is not available  when it in service.
    4. Tennis court is not available for play when between 2-pm and 4-pm.
    5. Lab equipment is only available during the semester.

    Restricted Availability is available with Premium Subscription.


    August 25th, 2012

    Share Timetable has made a step toward international audience.

    Additionally to the international language: English, Share Timetable now supports German, Spanish, French and Dutch.

    Unfortunately, due to limited resources we have sourced Google Translate as the translation tool. We know and understand that this method produce a poor translations.

    We invite users that benefits from better translations to help by improving the existing translations or adding new languages.

    If you wish to contribute to the translation effort please contact us in regards.

    Subscription & cost

    May 29th, 2012

    Share Timetable is a Free service for our users, there is absolutely no user cost associated with it.

    However in order to keep provide this service and support, maintain and publish this website we added Google’s advertisements to the site with the hope that the associated income would be sufficient for our needs. A careful consideration was taken in order to provide undisruptive service while employing effective advertisement.

    Premium Subscription

    Another type of income will came from providing additional services to the Timetable, mainly email notifications and the Restricted Availability feature. These services are not in the core of the tool but give additional value. An annual subscription is available to enable these additional services and remove the ads.

    Subscription fee is $10 a year.

    All new Timetables get two months free Premium Subscription to provide full feature experience for starters.

    Email Integration

    February 11th, 2012

    Timetables signed for premium service* can now receive email on events

    • Timetable’s manager get message on any new user register for the Timetable.
    • Timetable’s manager can get message on any new or changed booking.
    • Timetable’s user can get message on new or changed booking.
    • Timetable’s user can get reminder message for a booking.
    *  Premium service is $10 per year. All Timetable got 2 months free premium service.
    ** Email messages will be delivered only to verified emails.

    Go Public

    September 30th, 2011

    With the latest release Share Timetable is now open for unregistered users, thus eliminating the need to register the system in order to Share the Timetable.

    From release 1.6 Timetables hosted in Share Timetable can set as Public making it available for public viewing or Open to allow unregistered users make bookings to the timetable.

    Check out the Demo for more details.